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Teer Accomplishments

Teer's commercial development through 2010 totals 3,747,695 sq. feet.  This portfolio includes parks, research and development facilities, computer operation centers, Class A office buildings and industrial warehousing in the Research Triangle Park, Raleigh, and Durham, North Carolina.

Below is a detailed breakdown of what Teer Associates has accomplished in the  Triangle Area.

IBM Building A
IBM Building B
IBM Building C
IBM Building D
Park Offices Retail Center
50 Park Offices
100 Park Offices
200-300 Park Offices
400 Park Offices
U.S. Post Office
Nations Bank
First Union National Bank
Wachovia Bank & Trust Co.
First Citizen's Bank & Trust
Centura Bank
Radisson Governors Inn

125,743 sf
129,047 sf
120,473 sf
140,574 sf
18,653 sf
29,400 sf
24,200 sf
81,292 sf
57,648 sf
4,157 sf
2,638 sf
5,200 sf
7,800 sf
2,565 sf
1,747 sf
125,000 sf


99 Alexander Dr. Technology Center
3400 Croasdaile Dr. Executive Suites
Central Park West
Central Carolina Bank Operations Center
Glaxo Inc. Headquarters
Glaxo Inc. Bide
Teer Development Park
The Summit
NetEdge Systems
Biogen, Inc. - Beta Facility
Biogen, Inc. - Large Scale Manufacturing
Magnequench Technology Center
Biogen, Inc. - Lab/ Administration
Biogen Parking Deck

Central Park South

Biogen Purification Suite

Sigma Xi Center

North Carolina Center for Biomanufacturing

Network Appliance

United Therapeutics

27,608 sf
38,250 sf
100,000 sf

90,000 sf
55,000 sf
175,000 sf
25,000 sf
452,200 sf
120,000 sf
42,500 sf
90,000 sf
225,000 sf
30,000 sf

150,000 sf
280,000 sf

130,000 sf

46,000 sf

52,000 sf

341,000 sf

200,000 sf 

202,000 sf


3,747,695 SF



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